Garage Bar Conversion – Christchurch

Inspirational Garage conversion project in Mairehau, Christchurch, with Switch Lighting at the heart of the design concept for both indoor and outdoor lighting.

Products used:


The newly enclosed garage, with an outdoor entertainment area that leads into the spectacular conversion project. Switch Lighting Spot-LIGHTZ installed to beautifully highlight the traditional exposed red brick wall along the driveway, around the seating area, and as garden lighting in the shrubs and trees.

Switch Lighting Spot-LIGHTZ SL224


Switch Lighting’s premium range of luminaires beautifully highlights each feature in the renovation project. Directional lighting commissioned to create multiple zones of comfort and warmth in this living space and bar area. The Mini-LIGHTZ Deep Fixed fittings were innovatively placed under the bottles on the bar for the light to shine straight through from below, showcasing the character of the impressive collection of spirits. The ZELA décor Surface Mount with the Honeycomb lens installed above the bar beautifully highlights the rich textures in the Macrocarpa timber countertop.

ZELA décor Surface Mount SLSM106F

ZELA Deep Tilt SLDL221T

ZELA décor Fixed SLDL284F

Multi-LIGHTZ Eyelid SL41-EL

Mini-LIGHTZ Deep Fixed SLDL624F


Inception Electrical

Products Used: