Discover the Benefits of LED Lighting

Light your house and garden with Switch LEDs and lower your power consumption

Switch LED lights are robust and have a long lifespan

Lower your carbon footprint and power bill

Light your house and garden with Switch LEDs and lower your power consumption. Save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and benefit New Zealand.

Our 11W recessed downlight gives out the same light as a 50W halogen. That's nearly 80% reduction in energy consumption. In a standard modern home with 30 halogen downlights, you could save up to $600 a year in energy costs. That doesn't take into account the carbon dioxide you would otherwise emit by driving to the store for your replacement globes or the time to change the blown globes.  Our unit will last at least 60,000 hours. Over that 60,000 hours you could save up to $12,500 on replacement globes and energy costs.

Free lighting design

We are happy to look over your building plans and provide you with a comprehensive lighting plan. We offer this as a free no-obligation service as we believe there is not enough information and education on the possibilities with LED lighting. LED lighting is a new technology and each product performs in a different way to traditional lighting products. Although we design our products to replace existing form factors, the light spread and light levels are quite different.  Talk to the experts today and ensure your new build or renovation is finished off with the right light.  The right lighting will enhance your home and provide you with a warm inviting environment.

Compare the energy consumption

  • LED 11 watts

  • Compact Fluorescents 20 watts

  • Incandescent Light Bulb 100 watts


Environmental benefits

LED fixtures also have an environmental advantage in that they contain no mercury, last longer and produce less waste, plus they are made from fully recyclable materials.

A single kilowatt-hour of electricity generates 610g of CO2 emissions. Assuming the average light bulb is on for 10 hours a day, a single 100W incandescent bulb generates 222kg of CO2 every year. The 12W Switch Lighting LED equivalent will be responsible for only 26kg of CO2 over the same time span.  A building’s carbon footprint from lighting can be reduced by nearly 90% by exchanging all incandescent bulbs for new LEDs.

CFL lighting, which is commonly used in our residential homes today, must be disposed of through an appropriate recycling centre.  Fluorescent lamps contain mercury – a highly toxic waste – which, if disposed of irresponsibly, can pollute waterways and damage the environment.

By switching to LED luminaires you help protect the environment we live in

Energy Efficient

LEDs are the most energy efficient light source we have.  Switch LEDs use the highest quality LED components and are therefore the most efficient on the market.

Long Life

Switch LED products use the best quality components available.  We rate our LED units with a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours (30 years).  Current real time testing of products packed in insulation is at 30,000 hours.

Blue Light Control

Blue light is natural and a healthy part of our everyday lives – it helps us be more alert and active.  In the evening however, excessive blue light can affect our circadian rhythms.  Some people may have more difficulty sleeping after excessive exposure to bright blue light sources (especially from LED screens).  Our Sunset Dimming downlights are ideal for minimising potential effects on our circadian rhythms, as they dim to a warm and softer glow that may even enhance sleep cycles.

Switch LED lights are very robust and have a long lifespan

60,000 hours

Depending on the type, typical life for a Switch LED can be up to 60,000 hours

Simple installation

Switch LED products can easily be retrofitted to replace your existing lighting. They are designed to fit existing hole sizes and we produce an adapter plate to fill larger holes. We recommend using a registered electrician to install.

Low voltage

It is a misconception that LEDs are 'Low voltage'. In many cases if you apply 12VDC to a product you may damage it. Switch Lighting LED products run at various voltages. Always follow our instruction sheets. Contact us for more technical details.


Switch Lighting products are almost all dimmable. Dimming can be done via standard trailing edge or universal dimmers, 0-10V, Casambi-enabled or Dali control. Refer to our instruction sheets for tested and approved dimmers for each model.

Sealed units

LEDs do not need to be changed, so there is no need for a bulb holder/fitting. Switch LED units are fully sealed to protect against dust ingress and most products carry at least an IP65 rating allowing them to be used throughout the house, including bathrooms and covered outdoor areas.

Instant on

No waiting for filaments or ballasts to heat up. Flick the switch and your room is instantly filled with warm bright white light.

No flicker

Switch Lighting LEDs are not prone to the flicker of a CFL bulb. This is especially helpful if you suffer from migraines etc. Flicker can be caused from the electronic ballast used with LED lights. Switch Lighting have spent considerable R&D time to remove this from our products.

Slimline design

LEDs are physically smaller than many traditional light sources and allow unobtrusive slimline designs to be made.

Colour consistency

Switch Lighting use high quality Citizen Electronics LED in our products. These LED are graded to a three step MacAdam Ellipse which means the human eye cannot discern any shift in the colour. Poor quality LEDs are susceptible to colour shift and in a single batch of LEDs you could see the difference.

Insulation safe

All Switch Lighting products that are recessed are designed from the ground up to be completely packed with insulation.
All our products are fully sealed resulting in zero heat loss from your living space.
Quality products that you can trust.

Insulation safe

All Switch Lighting downlights are designed from the ground up to be used safely with insulation commonly found in your home.

One misconception around LED lighting products is that they do not generate heat. An LED luminaire that is designed to produce equivalent light to a 50W halogen or 75W incandescent light bulb needs to use around 8-15W of LED power. LEDs are not 100% efficient at turning electricity into light; the lost energy is removed in the form of heat. Heat is the No. 1 enemy of a Light Emitting Diode. If an LED runs too hot it can change colour, dim quicker over its lifetime and therefore not last as long.

Heatsinking of an LED is one of the most important aspects of the luminaire design. Correct heatsinking (removing the wasted energy from the LED diode) ensures the luminaire will perform and last as expected. Switch Lighting has engineered its products so that when you completely cover/pack them with insulation there is absolutely no compromise to the product’s performance and longevity.

diagram of insulation over light fixture

The result of this engineering means zero compromise to your insulation properties. All Switch Lighting products are sealed designs, so there is no heat loss and minimal air loss through the luminaire.

We have also designed a range of drivers that can be covered with insulation. There is no other LED driver on the market that has been designed for such use.

New Zealand is the first country in the world to change its standards to ensure that all downlights installed in a residential environment are to be insulation safe.  Australia is currently updating its standards (jointly with NZ – AS/NZS60598.2.2) of which Switch Lighting Managing Director Gerard Woods is part of the working committee.