Andrew Scoular – Residential – Christchurch

Our Switch team was invited to Andrew Scoular’s private residence in Hillsborough, Christchurch to view this beautiful hilltop home with a multitude of Switch Lighting products installed throughout. Motion light sensors connected to the Stair Lights have been installed along the hallways and in the bathrooms to trigger soft way-finding light at night.  The ZELA Deep Tilt product range has been expertly installed to highlight key features in the home, to showcase the specialist sound system and speakers, and to festively light the disco ball in the corner.

Products used:
Multi-LIGHTZ Eyelid SL41-EL are inset into the stairways leading up and around into the property.

With the home owner having a passion for music and art, the Switch Lighting premium range of luminaires elegantly highlights each feature in his collection. The use of directional lighting played a key part in this installation which resulted in the creation of a warm and inviting atmosphere in this property – a space where both comfortable living and entertaining is easily achieved.

ZELA Deep Tilt with Sunset Dimming SLDL221T
ZELA Deep Fixed SLDL221F
M-LIGHTZ  Constant Current SL900
Wall / Stair Light SSWS3

Products Used: