Switch Lighting brilliance is on display

Let our team of Lighting Consultants take you on a journey through the world of Switch Lighting – explore our captivating and innovative lighting solutions, illustrating the latest lighting trends and product designs to elevate and enhance your project. Our Switch Lighting consultants will tailor the experience to each visitor, whether an architect, a lighting designer, an electrician, electrical wholesaler, or the homeowner themselves. Our Lighting Hubs leave each guest feeling enlightened after an uninterrupted personalised lighting experience.

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Professional lighting design services

A professionally designed lighting plan can accentuate architectural features, interior design elements, and artwork, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the space. By collaborating closely with you, our team of qualified lighting designers will craft a bespoke lighting plan, perfectly tailored to match your budget and unique vision. Our team will meticulously review your building floor plans to create an all-inclusive lighting plan, accompanied by a schedule of luminaires for your electrician.

Switch Lighting Intelligent Controls

Switch Lighting's Intelligent Controls (SLiC), powered by Casambi, revolutionise lighting management. With cutting-edge technology designed by our team of engineers, our SLiC solution provides precise control over brightness, colour, and scenes – all while optimising energy efficiency. Smart lighting control done correctly, should seamlessly integrate into your space, offering convenience, customisation, and significant cost savings.

Our dedicated Lighting Consultants provide comprehensive support for our smart lighting solutions, from conceptualisation and design to on-site commissioning, ensuring a seamless and successful smart lighting journey.

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Individually tailored lighting consultation and support

Embracing our passion for illumination, we recognise the scarcity of information and education on the vast possibilities of LED lighting and we strive to enlighten our clients of its full potential. Our team of professional Lighting Consultants will guide you in navigating the latest in Switch Lighting's products and solutions. And our after sales technical service provides ongoing support, via email, phone or on our website chat.

A low voltage solution to power any environment

Switch Lighting's low voltage solution is designed to revolutionise your lighting needs, removing all limitations. Our innovative range of DC input Constant Current drivers will empower you to run the entire spectrum of Switch Lighting's architectural lighting products on a low voltage system. This versatile solution is perfect for off-grid homes, motorhomes, marine applications, yachts, and expansive low voltage landscape environments.