Design Builders Show Homes – Petone, Wellington, New Zealand

Nestled on the northern shores of the Wellington Harbour, this exceptional property is located on the Petone esplanade. It’s a property that is packed full of character, has stunning views of the crystal blue waters of the Cook Strait, and is thoughtfully designed to maximise the usage of this beach front section.

Developed by the team at Design Builders in Wellington, the property is elegantly enhanced with sophisticated lighting throughout.

With a selection of modern, stylish pendants, and Switch Lighting downlights, Multipurpose Lighting, and Exterior Lighting, this home is beautifully illuminated with warm and welcoming ambiance.

Upon entering the property, the abundance of timber in the architectural design showcases the designers' thoughtful use of natural materials. Switch Lighting’s Multi-LIGHTZ Eyelid luminaires are used to highlight the floating staircase. In the main living spaces and the master bedroom, the modern trend of black Switch Lighting products have been specified to create contrast and interest against the rich timber walls and ceilings. The Multi-LIGHTZ Eyelid luminaires are carried through from the ground floor entrance, up the staircase, across the landing on the upper level and through into the master bedroom at the rear of the property. Elegantly illuminating the timber flooring with low glare lighting and providing way finding light for the evening when retiring to the bedroom.

The attractive timber raked ceilings are seamlessly visible and uninterrupted throughout the upper level of this property to create a feeling of openness and opulence of this grand double-high design. The Switch Lighting ZELA Offset Deep Tilts, again in Textured Black, are installed to offer enhanced lighting control and flexibility, the deep recess of this fitting and the fully adjustable 360° gimbal allow for precise adjustment of beam angles to minimise glare and shadows, optimising illumination for specific areas and tasks in this space.

The additional downstairs bedrooms are illuminated with the Switch Lighting sLED DOME Fixed luminaries. And the bathrooms, with the stylish black tiled walls, are lit with a gentle illumination from Switch Lighting Mini-LIGHTZ Deep Fixed luminaires, which are strategically positioned on the perimeter of the shower to cast an elegant, scalloped pattern of illumination on the walls.

Outdoor lighting is another important element to consider when lighting a home, and its an element that the team at Design Builders have specified Switch Lighting Spot-LIGHTZ and the Mini-LIGHTZ at the front entrance.

The overall result is a spectacular property that is perfectly lit for both functionality and ambiance.

We invite you to make use of Switch Lighting’s team of lighting professionals for advice and access our complimentary lighting design service to replicate this effect for an upcoming new build or home renovation project.

Property Developer: Design Builders, Wellington
Electrician: Hunt Electrical
Photographer: Kevin Hawkins Photography
Photographer: Jason Mann