Te Tūpahipahi, Tāhunanui, Nelson

In the hometown of the world-renowned Switch Lighting, a unique property can be found nestled into the picturesque Tāhunanui Hills in Nelson. Lovingly renovated by our very own Switch Lighting MD, Gerard Woods, and his partner Natalie, this property is the epitome of creative styling enhanced by dynamic lighting. Let’s delve into the design.

The three-bedroom main house on the upper level with a spectacular view of the beautiful Tasman Bay has a newly renovated open plan kitchen, dining, and lounge. With design elements that include the burnt orange colour palette on the walls and ceilings, accented against the dark tones of the shou sugi ban charred wood surfaces and the eye-catching mural and artwork. The modern décor required a unique lighting plan to compliment the rich tones of the interior design.

The lower level of this property was renovated into an independent apartment in 2022. Click here to read more about the apartment project.

The couple wanted to create a cohesive warm and inviting environment in the living space, which was made possible with the use of Switch Lighting Intelligent Controls for both the Switch Lighting luminaires and the independently sourced decorative pendants. This ensures all light sources can be controlled on the Casambi Blue Tooth mesh network and the various scenes easily programmed into the push button units on the wall, providing total control of the colour temperature and the intensity of light.

Gone are the days of complex lighting controls. With the SLiC Rotary Controller, adjusting the lighting environment is as easy as pushing a button, turning a dial, or using a smartphone or tablet. With intuitive control devices and mobile apps, Switch Lighting Intelligent Controls give convenient access to lighting control. The Rotary Controller dial allows you to switch between predefined scenes or make real-time adjustments to colour temperature and brightness.

Natalie has a skill for creating interesting focal points in a room and her own art creations are on display in the lounge room. With the use of independently controlled Tunable White Switch Lighting luminaires, the illumination directed on each piece of artwork can be tuned to effectively highlight and enhanced certain colour palettes in each individual piece.

The black and warm toned modern kitchen is complimented with the layers of individually controlled lighting. The new Switch Lighting ZELA décor Pendant in black with a gold inner trim, sit stylishly above the reclaimed Rimu timber benchtop. To achieve a low glare and comfortable atmosphere, Switch Lighting deep recessed luminaires have been installed throughout the open plan living space. When looking across the room, the bright light source of each luminaire is not visible or creating discomfort to the eye, but the home is very well illuminated. This can be achieved with the comprehensive range of Switch Lighting deep tilt and deep fixed products.

Electrician: Tasman Sparkies
Photographer: Oliver Weber Photography