LED Protector
350mA / 700mA

  • Protect individual constant current circuits up to 350mA or up to 700mA
  • Detect a problem in less than 2 millionths of a second and switch to protect your LEDs
  • Features a warning light to indicate a problem has been detected
  • Easily reset by simply cycling the power once the problem is corrected
  • Can be installed anywhere in a constant current circuit to protect all LEDs in that circuit

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Selected product: LED Protector
350mA / 700mA

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Maximum forward voltage60V60V
Maximum reverse voltage60V60V
Normal LED operating current350mA700mA
Over current trip threshold< 550mA< 900mA
Time to trip during fast surge< 0.5 micro seconds< 0.5 micro seconds
Typical fault energy per 3V LED during surge< 10 micro Joules< 10 micro Joules
Power dissipated during normal operation< 0.45W< 0.9W
Trip fault indicatorRED LEDRED LED
Max. fault current once tripped (@60V)15mA15mA
Driver to luminaire connectionTinned wireTinned wire
Size25 x 25 x 15mm25 x 25 x 15mm
IP ratingIP64IP64

*Do not cover with insulation

Note – not compatible with driver L05049

LED Operating Current

350mA, 700mA

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