Ultra Low Glare
20º 40º 60º

  • compact size
  • recessed for low glare
  • suitable for indoor use and exterior under soffits
  • IP65 front
  • perfect for retrofit to replace 50W halogen
  • constant current



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Light Level and Beam Generator

Selected product: SL112LG
Ultra Low Glare
20º 40º 60º

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Beam Angle

20°, 40°, 60°


Ultra Low Glare

Colour Temperature

2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Sunset Dimming


90, 97

Trim Colour

White, Silver, Black

Driver Current

150mA, 220mA, 300mA

D-LIGHTZ Fixed Spec Sheet SDoC SL1017 D-LIGHTZ Fixed - All Models and SL35 D-LIGHTZ E-LIGHTZ Adapter Plates SpecSheet