The ultimate bespoke lighting showroom experience

Switch Lighting has taken a once considered stock standard element required in a home – the lightbulb – and has ignited a passion in electricians and homeowners alike, to use luxury lighting products to create a critical connection to how one feels in their home environment.

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With the decimation of international travel in recent times, people across the country and across the world have spent more time than ever in their homes. This has led to a renovation boom in New Zealand, as ultra-comfort in the home has become a top priority for homeowners. 

October 2022 | 3-minute read

Creating beautiful spaces where relaxation could be achieved, became more than just about the furniture in the room, but rather how ambiance could be set to achieve an environment that exudes calm and luxury. 

Figure 1:  Directional lighting commissioned to create a scene of warmth and comfort in this living space

Take a moment and visualise creating sunset mood lighting in our living spaces that could automatically adjust to the actual sunset time every day of the year. Matching a room’s light settings to the beautiful warm light from the open fire, or reading a book lit by any single light in a room, luminated over a favourite armchair perhaps. A stunning piece of artwork can be complemented with lighting specifically tuned to enhance the artistic mood of each painting. The Switch Lighting showroom consultants can expertly guide each visitor through a unique experience of achieving each of the desired scenes in the home with Switch’s suite of luxury LED lighting products.

In recent times a new way of living has emerged, the home became the office, and the office blended into home life. Modern lighting in the home needs to be adaptable. With Switch Lighting’s smart luminaires, a single luminaire can be used to achieve both the beautiful soft mood creation and the bright white task lighting when required. The showroom experience is designed to showcase the various ways lighting can be easily commissioned by an electrical contractor post installation, or from the convenience of the homeowner’s own smart phone, as scene creation becomes simple to self-manage. 

Lighting in the home environment can easily be programmed however and whenever the homeowner wishes. This can be achieved by connecting Switch Lighting smart luminaires to the free and easy-to-use Casambi home automation app. 

At our Switch Lighting showrooms, our guests receive an uninterrupted personalised showroom experience, as sessions are booked by appointment only. This allows our lighting specialists to tailor the experience to the visitor, whether they are an architect, a lighting designer, an electrician, an electrical wholesaler, or the homeowner themselves. Everyone is welcome in this egalitarian space. 

Figure 2:  Switch Lighting’s specialist showroom located at 49 Ponsonby Road, Auckland, New Zealand

With multiple showrooms across New Zealand, the showroom model has been a huge success in connecting the Switch Lighting concept with the public, with the goal of showcasing the importance of quality lighting installations and the opportunities to create stunningly unique environments within the home. 

The first showroom was opened in Nelson when the organisation outgrew their initial manufacturing facility. The move to the new premises saw an expansion to the head office, which included a larger facility for the team of engineers in the Research & Development Innovation Centre and the need for a production factory that was 10 times larger than the previous premises. Auckland was Switch Lighting’s second city in Aotearoa to receive a showroom. This presented an exciting opportunity to triple the size of the Nelson showroom space, in a beautiful heritage building on Ponsonby Road and create a lighting destination like no other in the country. Christchurch will be the third city in the country where a new showroom on the High Street will be opened to the public from November 2022. 

The Switch team of Lighting Consultants are delighted to welcome new visitors to one of the showrooms across the country, where each individual who walks through the door gets the red-carpet treatment. 

Appointments can be made by emailing [email protected]

Be sure to follow Switch Lighting on social media and check out the YouTube channel for all the latest video content. Or contact the Nelson office on 03 9700 755 to connect with the Switch Lighting team.

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