The Functional Benefits of Architectural Lighting

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Architectural lighting is an essential aspect of any building or structure. It involves the use of lighting to enhance the aesthetics of the building, create a certain ambiance, and provide functional illumination. Switch Lighting works together with lighting designers, architects, and electricians to create a lighting plan that complements the architecture of the building and meets the needs and style of the property owner.

Architectural lighting is divided into two categories: exterior and interior. Exterior lighting is used to highlight the architecture of the building, illuminate walkways, and provide security. It includes floodlights, spotlights, and accent lights. Exterior lighting also includes landscape lighting, which can be used to highlight trees, plants, and other outdoor features.

Switch Lighting’s outdoor lighting products create a welcoming atmosphere, making outdoor spaces more enjoyable throughout the year. A new range of hardwood Bollards would beautifully compliment a garden path, or a long driveway. The mighty 1 Watt Mini-LIGHTZ are exceptionally versatile in their multiple variations of design. Switch Lighting have taken this tiny form factor and engineered over a dozen products to suit both indoor and outdoor uses. With Friction Fit, Spring Mount, Deep Fixed, Mini-Tilt and Spike Mounted options, the applications of this product are endless. The Mini-LIGHTZ are available in a variety of colour temperatures and Amber, Blue, Green and Red colour options. 

Interior lighting is used to provide illumination for functional purposes, such as reading and working, as well as creating a beautiful atmosphere. It includes ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is used to provide general illumination, and it can be achieved through recessed lights, pendant lights, and wall or ceiling washers. Task lighting is used to provide illumination for specific tasks, such as reading or cooking, and it can be achieved with downlights and under-cabinet lighting. Accent lighting is used to highlight architectural features or artwork, and it can be achieved through recessed or tiltable downlights, track lighting and spotlights.

Switch Lighting has a range of products to achieve the desired results for illuminating both residential and commercial environments. The range of ZELA recessed LED downlights delivers superb optical clarity and beam control in stylish forms.  ZELA Deep Tilt and ZELA Offset Deep Tilt products are deeply recessed for low glare, and the fully adjustable 360° gimbal can be adjusted or tilted to direct light to a specific area or object, giving the property owner greater control over the lighting in a room. By tilting the light source away from your eyes, tiltable luminaires can significantly reduce glare and improve visual comfort.

The latest release of products from Switch Lighting includes the ZELA décor range, which consists of the deep recessed ZELA décor Fixed 1 and the new ZELA décor Surface Mount. These products are available with all the new generation ZELA beam options. With gorgeous inner trim options, which include Bronze, Copper, Gold, Black and White – there is a trim and inner combination to suit every style.

Switch Lighting’s fully indirect lighting product, the Cirro Ceiling Washer, creates an elegant even wash over the ceiling without highlighting the wall behind it or either side of it. Inspired by wispy clouds, the Cirro luminaire upwardly projects a soft, veil-like, silky light – ideal for soft indirect lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and home-theatres, creating grander yet intimate spaces.

Architectural lighting also plays a significant role in energy conservation. Energy-efficient lighting options, such as LED lighting, are used to reduce energy consumption and costs. LED lighting is durable, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. It also offers a range of colour temperatures and can be dimmed or controlled to create different atmospheres.

In addition to providing functional illumination and enhancing the aesthetics of a building, architectural lighting can also have a positive impact on human health and well-being. Studies have shown that lighting can affect our mood, productivity, and even our circadian rhythm. Lighting designers consider the colour temperature, brightness, and direction of light to create a comfortable and healthy environment for occupants.

Recessed tiltable luminaires are particularly popular: they provide a range of benefits that can help improve the lighting in your home or workspace, making it more comfortable, efficient, and visually appealing. Switch Lighting’s offering includes multiple ranges of both recessed and tiltable luminaires with various designs and finishes, providing multiple options that complement any décor and style.

The next advancement in lighting solutions is the development in tunable white luminaires. The technology behind tunable white lighting has advanced significantly in recent years, with Switch Lighting being an early adopter in the development of LED tunable white lighting. Tunable white lighting allows for the adjustment of the colour temperature and intensity of light from a single luminaire. With tunable white lighting, users can change the colour temperature of the light to suit their needs or preferences. This technology is particularly useful in settings where different activities require different types of lighting, such as offices, hospitals, and schools. Tunable white lighting can also be used to create different atmospheres and moods, such as warm lighting for relaxation and cool lighting for concentration. Switch Lighting has engineered a range of Intelligent Controls, with interfaces for both push buttons and luminaire controls. The SLiC Switch Lighting Push Button Intelligent Control 550-E unit converts a standard momentary wall switch into a smart switch, able to control lighting automation scenes. While the SLiC Casambi Evolution Driver SLiC-640E enables the use of Casambi smart lighting technology for dimming and tunable white lighting automation. 

Modern architectural lighting is a crucial aspect of any building or structure. It not only provides functional illumination but also enhances the aesthetics of the building and creates the desired atmosphere. With the use of energy-efficient Switch Lighting LED lighting solutions and consideration for human health and well-being, lighting designers, architects, and electricians can create a beautifully enhanced environment through thoughtful and well-planned lighting.

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