Clock – Kaikoura

LED Lighting Will Last For Up to 30 Years

Our 1W Focused mini-SL201F was chosen for the job. The engineers designed a housing/mount for the light and the photos show the results.

1W per clock number = 24W total is lighting up the two highlighted clock faces.

Architectural Lighting

Joseph Hampton from Warren and Mahoney Architects in Christchurch approached Switch Lighting to assist with the Lighting of the Town clock in Kaikoura.

"To represent the Kaikoura community moving through time, the ‘Lions Club of Seaward Kaikoura Town Clock’ is separated into three pillars: past, present and future.

Past: The timber pillar looks back in history, drawing its materiality from the traditional structures of the town. The carving depicts the story of Paikea, ancestor of the local Maori, emphasising the relationship between Human Life and the unique marine environment of the Kaikoura District.

Present: Constructed from local limestone, the stone pillar signifies the strength of the town at present and references the region’s spectacular tectonic landscape.

Future: The frosted glass pillar holds no pattern as it represents a clean slate and a story which is yet to be written. While the past and present pillar stand at equal height the future pillar extends above as a symbol of growth for Kaikoura.

Although each face is identified separately, the three pillars are united by light to become a landmark in the centre of the town."

Joseph Hampton

Warren & Mahoney Architects

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