Tree Mount Kit

The Switch Lighting Tree Mount Kit was designed to mount our range of Surface Mounted Spot-LIGHTZ to a tree, creating illumination in the tree tops or to cast high-level illumination across a specified area. The Tree Mount Kit consists of a choice of three trim options for the mounting unit, with 316 stainless steel, black anodised aluminium, or natural anodised aluminium. The high quality silicone strap is available in a choice of two lengths, either 1m or 2m. And the kit includes two stainless steel bolts and two ball bearings. This Tree Mount Kit is simple and easy to install and the silicone strap is designed to expand as the tree grows. The 1m silicone strap will fit a tree with a circumference of up to 300mm and the 2m will fit a large tree up to 600mm in diameter. Multiple kits can be joined together to illuminate extra large trees.

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Trim Colour

Stainless Steel, Natural Anodise, Black Anodise


1m, 2m

Installation Instructions – Tree Mount Kit