110º Ø130mm

Convex Diffusion – the sLED DOME with pure convex diffusion delivers quality, uniform lighting even when dimmed.

Pure CCT – each of the three CCT options is produced with a unique set of LED chips. Pure CCT gives you consistent light colour from every luminaire. Many multi-CCT luminaires blend light colours from 2 groups of LEDs, producing inconsistent light colours.

Switchable CCT – switch to 2700K in bedrooms to minimise blue light and maximise sleep; 2700K or 3000K for living rooms, or 4000K for office for laundry lighting.

Product specifications below are given for 3000K.

Trim Colour

Textured White, Textured Black

Colour Temperature

Switchable, 3000K, Sunset Dimming

SLED DOME Range Spec Sheets SDoC SL1027 sLED Downlight DOME Installation Instructions sLED DOME

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