Tilt Colours

Mini-LIGHTZ Tilt – an adaptation of the long time favourite Mini-LIGHTZ.  This version is ideal for entrances, soffits and bathrooms where you want that discreet illumination but would like to angle the light source.

  • Discreet lighting
  • Low glare
  • Pathway, entrance way lighting
  • Multiple CCT and colour LED options
  • 360º gimbal tilting
  • Cut-out 32mm

Power supply – constant current (ordered separately)
Max 700mA

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Light Level and Beam Generator

Selected product: SLDL644T
Tilt Colours

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Beam Angle

25º, 60°

Colour Temperature

Amber LED, Blue LED, Green LED, Red LED

Trim Colour

White Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel, Natural Anodise, Black Anodise

SDoC SL1007 Mini-LIGHTZ SL201 / SL211 / SLDL624F / SLDL644T / SLGL242 / SLGL252 / SLGL310 Mini-LIGHTZ-Tilt-SpecSheet.pdf Installation Instructions Mini-LIGHTZ (SL211 / SL201 / SLDL624F / SLDL644T)