Cirro Ceiling Washer 1

  • reflects a gentle wash of cloud-like light across the ceiling
  • indirect uplight
  • elegant ambient lighting, highlight timber ceilings
  • semi-recessed wall mounted – driver in wall or remote
  • constant current

Inspired by wispy clouds, the Cirro luminaire upwardly projects a soft, veil-like, silky light. This diffused light is gently reflected into the living environment. Cirro is ideal for soft indirect lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and home-theatres, creating grander yet intimate spaces.

Cirro’s design unobtrusively integrates into any setting. Use it with Tunable White for maximum effect.

Please note: it’s important to use the ceiling washer correctly to maximise your lighting. We recommend that you speak to one of our lighting consultants to help with your lighting design.

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Light Level and Beam Generator

Selected product: Cirro Ceiling Washer 1

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Colour Temperature

2400K, Tunable white, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, Sunset Dimming


95, 90, 97

Trim Colour

Textured White, Textured Black

Driver Type

SLiC Casambi, Phase-Cut Dimming Driver, Dali Dimming Driver

Driver Current

260mA, 300mA

SDoC SL1036 Cirro Ceiling Washer Installation Instructions - CIRRO Ceiling Washer CIRRO Ceiling Washer Spec Sheet SLCW100F ies files