Trailing Edge Dimmer

CBU-TED-LR-NZAU is a Bluetooth-controlled, Casambi-enabled, long-range trailing edge dimmer for dimmable incandescent, halogen, and LED lamps, and LED control gear. With Casambi’s CBU-TED-LR any dimmable load can be easily converted to become a part of a Casambi mesh radio network. This unit can achieve longer ranges than its predecessor, of up to 200 meters (650 feet) in real-world applications.


Voltage: 85–240 VAC Frequency: 50–60 Hz

Max. mains current: 0,43 A No-load standby power: < 0,3 W


Dimming method: trailing-edge phase control Max. output power: 100 W @ 230 VAC

Max. output current: 0,43 A

Min. load requirement: 1 W

Max. inrush current: 10 A, 100 ms

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Trailing Edge Dimmer

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