Casambi Enabled
Microwave Presence Detector

This microwave presence detector with built-in Casambi wireless node is capable of remote intelligent ON/OFF switching control via the Casambi ecosystem.

The Radar Doppler technology operates at 5.8Ghz and achieves a detection range of 6m in typical office environments.

Presence detection status and ambient light sensor output can be configured from within the Casambi App to control other Casambi enabled equipment without need for complex wiring.

The compact, low-profile enclosure is ideal for fixing within a luminaire, so provides simple, reliable cost-effective means of instantly reducing lighting energy bills.

  • Model Number: OS/5.8/C
  • Input Supply Voltage: 230V +/- 10% 50Hz
  • Standby/ Operating power: 1.2/ 1.7W
  • Detection Area (Typical): 4 – 6m Radius at 2.5m Ceiling Height

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Light Level and Beam Generator

Selected product: Casambi Enabled
Microwave Presence Detector

Product Code: CBU-OS-5.8-C

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