3-way Junction Box

  • 24A 450VAC
  • 2-6 holders, with terminal (screw type) and connector (plug wire type)
  • T100 working temperature
  • IP68 waterproof
  • PC, 94V-2 fire retardant
  • 4-8mm / 8-12mm / 10-14mm cable diameter

Can be used with the following products

  • Mini-LIGHTZ – SL201 (friction fit), SL211 (spring mount)
  • Marker-LIGHTZ – SL231 (friction fit), SL241 (spring mount)
  • 4W Spot-LIGHTZ – SL204 (surface mount), SL214 (spike mount)
  • 5W Spot-LIGHTZ – SL224 (Surface mount), SL234 (spike mount)

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Light Level and Beam Generator

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Product Code: SLAM686-Y

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