A new range of beautiful hardwood Bollards by Switch Lighting

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Outdoor lighting can be a powerful tool for creating a desired ambiance in an outdoor space. The right lighting can transform an ordinary outdoor area into a warm, inviting, and relaxing environment.

The Pillar Lights can be used to highlight specific areas or features of an outdoor space, such as a gardens or water features, creating a focal point and enhancing the overall ambiance. Making an outdoor space more comfortable and attractive, especially during the evening and into the night when it can be difficult to see without artificial light.

A beautiful property entrance with Switch Lighting’s new range of Bollards. 
Product:  Switch Lighting Pillar Light 1 SLBL100F Corner and Straight variants
Electrician:  Astech Electrical  

Bollard lights are used to light up pathways, walkways, and driveways, providing safe navigation at night while also creating a visually appealing look.

A deck boldly illuminated with Switch Lighting’s new range of Pillar Light 2 Bollards. 
Product: Switch Lighting Pillar Light 2 SLBL120F Corner and Straight variants.

Our range of Switch Lighting hardwood bollards include two variants: the SLBL100F Pillar Light 1, 600x45x45mm; and our larger version, the SLBL120F Pillar Light 2, 1100mmx95mmx95mm. Both variants are available in a corner and straight cut option. 

The luminaire trim and top cap on the Bollard are made from pure copper, which over time will patina, darkening in colour to a variety of rich tones.
At Switch Lighting, we can assist with a free lighting design and advice for installing the best outdoor lighting to add a decorative element to an outdoor space, complementing the style of the architecture, landscaping, and furnishings. 

Switch Lighting Pillar Light Bollards, available in a corner and straight cut variant in two size options.
SLBL100F – 600x45x45mm and the larger version SLBL121F – 1100x95x95mm

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