1-20VA 0.25-1A DIM 1-10V, pulse

  • The L05016i LEDlight is a stabilized and adjustable current source supplying two output channels
  • Adjustments are easily made with a build-in single potentiometer
  • Channel one can drive from 250mA up to 1000mA max
  • Channel two can drive from 250mA up to 500mA max
  • Driver is dimmable with a standard 1-10V device, a potentiometer or with a pulse switch
TypeConstant current
Max power output20W
Dimmable1-10V potentiometer
100k log b/pulse switch
Size111 x 52 x 23.5 mm
Power factor (λ)0.9C
Input voltage110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Current output Output channel 1 : 250-1000mA stabilized adjustable current source.
Output channel 2: 250-500mA stabilized adjustable current source.
Voltage output3 - 32VDC
Ambient temperature (ta)-20 +50º C
Max. temperature (tc)85ºC
ApprovalsCE, KEMA KEUR, ENEC-05
Warranty 5 years
Driver L05016i Spec Sheet